cold starters

Marinated seafood salad. 2

Smoked sardine loin.

on pork rind and alboronia. 1-4

Prawn salad.

garlic and black olive mayonnaise. 2-3

Purple potato salad.

shrimp and roasted sweet potato with emulsion of its juices. 2-3

Potatoes salad with tuna. 4

Pate board.

with partridge pate, goose, house-made micuit and red fruit chutney. 1-7-12

Salmon tartare with prawns.

red onion and pickles, with lime and fresh coriander dressing. 2-4

Avocado salmorejo with prawns.

and crispy Irish moss. 1-4


Fresh white prawns. 2

Cured acorn-fed iberian ham.

Cured acorn-fed iberian meat.


of iberian sausage with acorns. 2-3

Payoya goat cheese. 7

Sheep cheese with truffle. 7

Manchego Cheese. 7

Table of national cheeses. 1-7-8

green field

Organic tomato tartare.

black olives, pine nuts and basil. 8

Oriental rice poke.

With mango, avocado, red onion, sesame and salmon . 4-11

scrambled chicken coop

Scrambled eggs with prawns.

and all their juices. 2-3

Scrambled eggs.

with acorn-fed Iberian ham. 3

Truffle mash skillet.

Caramelized boletus p.x., slice of caramelized foie gras and soy marinated egg yolk. 7-12-3

Fried bread.

with quail egg and acorn-fed Iberian ham (two units, extra unit 2.50). 1-3

croquettes and others


witch chili alioli tomato souce. 7

Red shrimp croquettes.

and emulsion of their juices. 1-2-3-7


with acorn-fed Iberian ham. 1-3-7


with pork cheeks and payoya goat cheese sauce. 1-7-12

Artichoke pavia with chipotle mayo. 1-7

Brioche bun stuffed with Iberian meat.

confit with bbq sauce and fresh chives (two units). 1-3-7

House bread.

with acorn-fed Iberian ham and salmorejo. 2-4

select meats

Glazed Iberian pork cheeks.

with reduction of cut stick on a slice of brioche bread with a touch of thyme and payoya cream cheese. 1-3-7-12

Iberian feather loin.

with potatoes.

Beef tenderloin.

with mashed sweet potato and cherry. 7

Iberian pork with caramelized mustard.

on brioche bread, ham and mojo foam. 1-3-10

Retinta beef loin.

50 days of preparation and potatoes, 200g.

Presa Iberian pork.

with potatoes, 200g.


Seafood broth rice.

with prawns, mussels and monkfish. 2-4-14

Black seafood rice.

with squid, shrimp and mussels. 2-4-14

Iberico pork and vegetable rice. 2-3-4

Shredded duck risotto.

with zucchini and parmesan. 7

Our fryings in olive oil

Fried fish acedías. 1-4

Red mullet. 1-4

Fried fish pijotas. 1-4

Caella of adobo. 1-4


fried cod. 1-4

Breaded fried anchovies.

without spines. 1-4

Jerez style prawns. 2

Grilled Octopus.

on mashed potatoes. 14


Homemade chocolate cake. 1-3-7

Torrija of the house.

with vanilla ice cream. 1-3-7

Creamy payoyo cheesecake.

with red fruit chutney. 1-3-7

House brownies.

with vanilla ice cream. 1-3-7-8